ST. LOUIS, Mo. –  Today the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), announced the launch of its newest workforce development resource, the EDA Women in Industry initiative.

The mission of the EDA Women in Industry initiative is to encourage and attract women to the equipment dealer industry by offering a network that nurtures professional success while furthering the mission of the EDA. This initiative is no additional charge for members to participate.

Anne Salemo, the recently the retired CEO of Charter Software, is leading the initiative with the help of Alex Hoffman of the EDA.  Anne was an inaugural member of the Women in Industry initiative at MHEDA, the Material Handling Equipment Dealer Association and thought that the EDA would benefit from a similar program.  “This initiative is important for drawing qualified women professionals to the construction and agricultural equipment dealers industry. By creating a group of women focused on professional development, the industry can attract more women and help women move up the corporate ladder.  With everything going on in the world right now, this initiative will provide a positive impact for the equipment dealership industry.”

“Our industry has historically been male-dominated,” said Kim Rominger, President & CEO of EDA. “But we’re seeing more women in dealerships and in leadership roles and we want to make sure those women feel welcome and empowered in their roles.  Anne, as an industry leader herself, is a perfect facilitator for this group and we’re proud to have partnered with her on the Women in Industry Initiative.”

The EDA’s initial focus will be to create the founder’s EDA Women in Industry group. The founder’s group will consist of women in c-level, general manager and dealer principal positions from EDA membership. This group will be the springboard for the creation of mentoring program for other levels within dealership organizations. Anne Salemo is currently reaching out to an initial list of women to participate.  If you are interested in this new group, please email her at

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