Next Instruments' CropScan 3300H On Combine Analyzer measures protein, oil, starch and moisture in grains and oil seeds as they are harvested in the field by a combine harvester. It offers farmers an in-cabin Grain Logistics Screen which records the average protein, oil, starch and moisture for each grain tank.

The CropScan-Agrimatics Libra Cart integration automates the recording of the weight every time grain is transfer into the grain cart. A Bluetooth interface between the Libra Cart weighing system and the CropScan 3300H display allows the weight of the grain to be recorded automatically. The grain tank weight is collected whenever the grain cart comes alongside the combine and outloads grain into the grain cart. A tare weight for the grain cart is collected prior to out loading and then, when the out-loading auger is returned, the weight of the cart is taken again. The difference is the actual weight of grain in the cart. The weight for each grain tank and the running accumulation of the grain cart are recorded and displayed in the CropScan 3300H Logistics Screen.

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