The TLC Plus App from Trelleborg Wheel Systems is available for download on the App Store or on Google Play. It is an advanced, sensor-based check-up system that measures potential tire pressure gaps between the optimum pressure and the actual tire inflation pressure.

While the standard functionalities of the TLC permit the precise calculation of the appropriate pressure for any application, the TLC Plus premium functionalities check whether the machine fleet is actually set with the optimum tire pressure and recommend adjustments where and when needed. This is possible through a TLC Plus KIT, which integrates the App with TMPS sensors — mounted on the tire valves — and a gateway that enables data transmission to mobile devices. In addition, thanks to cloud technology, the tools permit the management of tractor fleets remotely, allowing farmers to assess whether the machines are working with the appropriate pressure from their office. This configuration ensures maximum safety and efficiency for operations on mega-farms and for contractors who operate with large fleets of machines.

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