Effective January 2015, Reed Jacobs has been appointed as field engineer for Trelleborg Agricultural and Forestry Tires for North America. Reed brings to the role considerable experience in the agricultural and forestry tire industry in North America. He will focus on offering premium support to Trelleborg’s end users and customers by overseeing product warranty and field testing.

Reed Jacobs at the Trelleborg plant in Spartanburg.
Reed Jacobs at the Trelleborg plant in Spartanburg.

Jeff Jankowski, sales director, Agricultural and Forestry Tires in the U.S., says, “Reed Jacobs brings extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector and will contribute greatly to our mission of providing unrivaled customer service and support.”

Trelleborg customers in North America will benefit from the upcoming manufacturing facility in Spartanburg as well as the addition of Reed Jacobs to the commercial team.

Dealers and end users can contact Reed Jacobs at:

Email: reed.jacobs@trelleborg.com

Phone: 1 (234) 312-8184

Dealers and end users can find more information about Trelleborg at www.trelleborg.com/en-us/wheelsystems/US/ .