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A solid on-boarding plan for new salespeople helps thwart bad habits well before they have an opportunity to form. Farm Equipment turned to two of our Dealership of the Year Alumni, both with homegrown leadership and development programs, to share their strategies for successful on-boarding and continued training for their sales teams. 

In Part 1 of this 3-part series, “Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & Onboarding,” you’ll gain trusted advice and practical approaches from used equipment manager, Kyle Schneider of Stotz Equipment, on the best ways to on-board new salespeople. 

In this FREE report, you’ll learn why and how to make on-boarding training a priority in your dealership. Most importantly, you’ll gain the tools necessary to place your new salespeople on path to quick and sustained success by establishing good ground rules, reinforcing positive employee traits and eliminating bad habits. 

Using a quick, nuts and bolts style of on-boarding, Schneider gets new staff on the right page and ready for their first sale. Schneider says they make sure to do the sales on-boarding the first day. “The longer we wait, the worse their habits become, and we want to avoid mistakes.”

Download this report now to learn the best ways to instill a sense of loyalty in new salespeople towards your dealership. Schneider outlines the exact steps you need to take to ensure new hires understand and commit to your dealership's vision from day 1, so that they are ready for their first sale on day 2!

Download “Preparing for Sales Success: Hiring & On-boarding – Part 1” for FREE and see how Stotz Equipment uses on-board training as a tool to better their dealership, AND learn how you can do the same for yours. 

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