John Deere's Frontier GS10L Ground-Driven Overseeder features a calibration tray that can be used to adjust for the desired seeding rate and can save its user up to 30 minutes when compared to the competition. The GS10L can be used to aerate lawns, break up soil clods and to create a uniform seedbed. A variety of ground-engaging options allow for more accurate seed placement and improved seed-to-soil contact for enhanced seed germination and stand establishment.

Two sizes are available: a 48-inch limited Category 1 and a 60-inch limited Category 1, two-seedbox option, equipped with fluted seed cups and an agitator that provide accurate and uniform delivery of turf grass seeds. The primary seed box can be used for cool season seeds such as rye grass, fescue and orchard grass. The legume box can be used for seeding alfalfa, Bermuda and clover. Seed boxes can be engaged or disengaged so any one seed box or all seed boxes can operate. Spiked rollers or concave disks on the unit can be angled for cultivation or for opening and seeding in hard or thatch-covered soil conditions.

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