McHale's C490 Trailed Machine is a component of McHale's Silage Feeder and Straw Blower Range. It features an approximate 6.85 m³ capacity and a 3 meter conveyor length. It can blow or feed out three 5 foot round bales of hay, straw, silage or haylage. The extra capacity of the McHale C490 allows farmers to increase their output when bedding or feeding.

The C490 also features the C4 Expert Control Console that operates the following: power switch, floor movement, comb control, loading door control, rotor control, Floor 1 direction and speed and Floor 2 direction. The chute is joystick controlled, allowing the operator to adjust the chute height. The shoot direction is easily controlled from the console in the tractor cab.

The C490 can be rotated 300 degrees, which allows material to be spread on the left, right and behind the machine. The chute can be lowered to blow material onto the feeding slide for better control when distributing feed along a barrier.

The McHale C490 is available with an optional linkage drawbar which allows the machine greater access to tight sheds with narrow entrances.

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