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Cummins Performance Series

Cummins engines power agricultural equipment from some of the world's finest manufacturers. For over 60 years, Cummins has been at the forefront of the industry, delivering the most durable and dependable powertrain solutions from 60 hp to more than 800 hp. From irrigation systems and sprayers to combines, harvesters and more, there's a Cummins engine perfectly suited to help you get the job done, even in the most challenging environments. Visit or tweet us @cumminsengines for more information.

Cummins latest B6.7 and L9 Performance Series Stage V engines are now fully certified and in production at its Rocky Mount Engine Plant in North Carolina.

“These engines do more with less, offering higher power output and torque for improved machine capability in a smaller, lighter package that is cheaper to run. Simpler architecture with fewer parts means they are more reliable, and more productive,” said Eric Neal, Executive Director, Cummins Off-Highway business.

Top-rated power for the Performance Series B6.7 moves up to 326 hp (243 kW) with a peak torque of 1375 Nm – a 30 percent increase over its Tier 4 Final predecessor. The L9 top rating increases from 400 hp (298 kW) up to 430 hp (321 Kw), together with a 13 percent increase in peak torque to 1846 Nm. The higher capability of these engines will deliver downsizing opportunities for agricultural equipment manufacturers. 

The increase in power and torque means that they are replacing engines of higher displacement with no impact on equipment operation, and providing installation cost savings for OEMs. 

“Cummins capability to tailor engine power and torque curves to the specific operational needs of key installations such as combine harvesters, tractors and wheeled loaders using our in-house technologies, like turbocharging and exhaust aftertreatment, is also enabling OEMs to be more competitive,” added Neal. 

Cummins engineers have completed over 100 Performance Series/Stage V customer installations to date, with more planned. 30 percent of these installations are for new equipment with current and new customers. These include combine harvesters, tractors, soil rollers, mulching carrier vehicles, air compressors, back-hoe loaders, dump trucks, fork lift trucks and wheeled loaders.

Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant manufactures engines from 65 – 600 hp (48 – 447 kW) for a global customer base spanning agriculture, forestry equipment, construction, trucks and buses.

Originally named Consolidated Diesel Company (CDC), Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant started in 1983 as a 50/50 joint venture between Case and Cummins. Renowned for producing engines for both automotive and industrial markets supplied to North America and Europe, CDC became wholly owned by Cummins in 2008.

In 2017, the plant celebrated production of 4 million engines since opening in 1983.