Murray, Ky. — Hutson, a 13 store John Deere dealership, recently launched their newly designed website that delivers a better customer experience, more leads and higher quality content. Built on technology developed at Facebook, the site delivers cutting edge technology, speed and best practices. With load times under 1 second, customers can quickly access the information they seek. More pictures and content on product pages bring consumers closer to a purchasing decision, driving an increase in online quotes.

 “We’re excited to launch a website that delivers a high level of customer experience and a better way for us to deliver content,” said Tom Sutter, president/CEO of Hutson. “Customers are not waiting around for pages to load. Loading pages in under a second provide our customers a great experience and better SEO practices.”

Using modern analytic tools, Hutson Inc plans to continually update the functionality and deliver content based on user’s actions on their site. The redesign was completed by Hutson’s in-house marketing team and development by Smarter Labs in Evansville, Ind. 

Hutson Inc started as an ag service provider in 1928 and since grown into a multi-location John Deere dealership. Serving agriculture, turf and CWP markets in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois.