Jenny offers four models of Belt-Drive Cold Pressure Washers. Designed for heavy use, the belt-drive pressure washers provide a longer pump life than direct-drive units. The extended service life is due to the pulley system, which turns the pump significantly slower than if the pump was coupled with the engine crankshaft. Additionally, the belt absorbs engine vibration and allows the pump to be located farther away from the engine heat.

The pressure washers are powered by 9 or 13 horsepower Honda GX Series engines, and all models feature a triplex ceramic plunger pump, which provides years of service while requiring little maintenance. The units are available with pressure ratings between 3,000 and 4,000 psi and flow rates vary between 3 and 4 gpm. A customizable option allows customers to choose a unit with pressure and flow ratings based on their specific needs.

For maximum maneuverability, the pressure washers feature ball bearing wheels on a solid axle. The flat-free pneumatic tires are ideal for moving over any terrain.

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