Anderson Group's RBM2000 PRO Self-Loading Carrier for Wrapped Bales is a one-man operation implement. One tractor operator can load, carry and unload without the use of a second piece of equipment. Therefore, it requires less labor and less time to achieve the same result as with currently used equipment. The high productivity of the RBM2000 PRO can easily keep up with up to two Combi-Balers or single wrappers. Field compaction is reduced by traveling in the same path the other machinery used.

The RBM2000 PRO has been designed to pick up wrapped single bales standing up vertically on their flat end. In order to be versatile in any situation, the RBM2000 PRO features a rotating loading arm, which will rotate the grabber (positioned at the extremity of the loading arm) simply by activating the one-touch feature through the touchscreen monitor and will allow the operator to pick up the bales that have fallen on their side.

The RBM2000 PRO allows unloading of wrapped bales either on their side or on their flat end, eliminating the risk of plastic film puncture as the bale’s ends are covered with several layers of plastic, or simply laying them down gently horizontally.

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