The Pullit Tree Puller from Precision Mfg. features signature and updated characteristics:

  • double rows of teeth for better grip  
  • telescoping cylinder guard that protects cylinder in extended and retracted positions
  • oversized brush guard for maximum equipment protection 
  • I-beam construction of blades for superior strength  
  • hose management for maximum protection of hoses and fittings 
  • blades, saw and root ripper made of T1 steel
  • blade length extended by 6 inches 
  • size of the root ripper doubled for better cutting of roots  
  • reversed, 8 inch wide spade points
  • sides of blades opened up to allow dirt and debris to flow through openings 
  • improved hose management with spring hose retainer 
  • open tips for post pulling
  • optional side saw to saw up to a 16 inch diameter tree (Model #535000)  
  • 2 inch, 90-degree blade teeth for better gripping of trees

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