Penta’s Lightning High Speed Disc was designed with speed and force in mind, allowing farmers to decisively manage the residue associated with a variety of cover crops to corn stocks.

The Lightning Disc is available in sizes ranging from 13-40 feet. This high speed tool offers superior residue management and seedbed leveling. 24 inch discs on heavy-duty forged arms allow for excellent trash flow. The robust solid rubber suspension allows impressive working speeds of 8-10 mph and outstanding damage prevention against rocks.

The disc provides 12-15 horsepower per foot to work depths of 3-4 inches. The mechanical stops are tool-free and adjustable to quickly and easily set up the disc to match unique residue and soil conditions. The first row of discs provides superior mulching while the second row turns the residue and incorporates it back into the soil, leveling the field and improving the soil quality and health.

All models are hydraulically folded for road travel, making field-to-field set up simple. The Lightning with its 850-1000 pounds per foot finishes the job by riding on a cage or solid disc roller that reduces lumps and provides a very level field finish.

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