Titan International recently announced that John Deere, Case and New Holland now offer Goodyear LSW tires as options on select new sprayers, combines and tractors, along with more than 200 LSW assembly options available in the aftermarket. The growing list of LSW options from OEMs is a response to the strong demand for the technology from both growers and their equipment dealers. 

The LSW upgrades offer drastic performance improvements over industry-standard tires including increased footprint, transport speeds, traction and ride quality versus standard tires. The industry-unique design also helps reduce soil compaction, road lope and power hop.

Don Van Houweling, owner of Van Wall Equipment is a strong advocate of LSW tires and worked hand-in-hand with John Deere to make it available on new equipment purchases.

“A lot of the standard tire options out there just weren’t giving my customers the performance they needed,” said Van Houweling. “LSW Technology proved itself competitive to any default factory setup, and even tracks, because of the ability to apply torque to the field in full influence and with less of a footprint.”

For more information, please visit www.Titan-Intl.com/.