Featured Product

The Custom Flo Grip LSW was designed in collaboration with a Tennessee-based multi-line tire dealer whose customers needed a high-flotation option with R-2 treads for rice and cane applications, but were having issues with road loping during transport with the existing (competitive) 1250-sized tires on the market. The Custom Flo Grip brings the best of both worlds in terms of flotation and traction, as well as smooth roading.

The tire is designed for combine front position as an alternative to standard 1250/45-32s or dual 510s. It has a deep R-2 tread designed with a flatter profile for smoother roading while still achieving traction and flotation in extremely muddy field conditions. The shorter sidewall of the LSW design greatly reduces the sidewall recoil that results in road lope, helping improve transport speeds, operator comfort and productivity.

“As the only manufacturer of both wheels and tires for agriculture, we’ve been undergoing a very aggressive research, development and field-testing effort of LSW technology for more than a decade, and after consistently witnessing LSW assemblies outperform standard tires in the field, we’ve decided to expand the lineup extensively,” says Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan Tire and Goodyear Farm Tires.

The company introduced four new sizes of LSW tire at the Farm Progress Show August 26-28, but Sloan says, “That’s just the tip of the iceberg as a significant expansion will continue through 2015.”

For more information, visit Titan-Intl.com.