Chain conveyors, also called en-masse conveyors, are known to offer durability, low relative horsepower requirements and high material moving capacities. The Double Barrel chain conveyor system from Sudenga combines the benefits of the traditional chain conveyor but can be used where farmers might have previously used a traditional, but harder on the grain and less durable, round or u-trough style auger.

Installation of the Double Barrel can also be simpler than a traditional conveyor as it doesn't necessarily require catwalk to support horizontal runs, but rather, can be installed with truss kits and intermediate supports.

The Double Barrel chain conveyor can be used pretty much anywhere a traditional auger or drag chain conveyor might be installed. Unlike a round tube auger, a chain conveyor doesn’t necessarily require grain in the system to run smoothly and quietly. This benefit makes the Double Barrel a great option for use with a grain dryer. The Double Barrel conveyors are also nice for stationary applications filling a grain bin, or for inclining after a bin unloading system. They can be installed horizontally or at an incline up to 60 degrees and doesn't necessarily require a catwalk support system like a traditional conveyor might.

Some key specifications include:

  • Totally modular 
  • All components clamp together
  • Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter systems.
  • Galvanized outer tubes standard if supplied by Sudenga
  • Standard and optional heavier gauge tubes available
  • Dodge gear reducers
  • Tail mounted drive
  • End and intermediate discharges
  • Bypass inlet