By Debbie Alexander, Marketing Manager, Branson Tractor Co., Rome, Ga.

1. Product Quality — The U.S. parts, service, and sales management team communicate on a daily basis, and once a month on a formal basis, with corresponding Branson team members at our headquarters in Korea ... Branson is the designer and the manufacturer of our tractors and engines, not just the assembly point. Attention to quality, accountability and response to issues is prompt throughout the company ... ISO standards of manufacturing have been met by Branson and are closely followed through all aspects of business. 

2. Parts Availability — The new parts ordering and inventory system for our dealers is working well. Ways to make it even better are being suggested by our dealers, and we implement these whenever possible ... Our U.S. investment in parts inventory at Rome, Ga.,  warehouse space, racking, and personnel have increased significantly in recent months. Parts fill rates exceed 95% ... We are well aware that parts availability is crucial for our dealers and customers. This is one area that can help make us "significantly better" than industry norms. 

3. Parts Quality — Original equipment parts of our own manufacture or approved vendors are all that we use. Our parts are warranted and we comply with ISO standards.  

4. Product Technical Support —   Ongoing service schools are held for our dealers on a no-charge basis ... Our service manuals and procedures are up to date and contain detailed information ... Service bulletins are available to dealers on our website dealer portal ... Live support staff are available by phone or email at U.S. headquarters in Rome, Georgia.

5. Responsiveness to the Dealer —  Branson territory managers are our first line of contact with our dealers ... Our goal is to “be people and a company that our dealers prefer to do business with.”

6. Recent Changes Impacting Dealer Network — Our new models are innovative and affordable, and by the end of 2016 several new models and products will be introduced. Our 5-year plan calls for us to add 25 new dealers to the Branson network each year. In 2015, we opened a new warehouse, assembly and distribution facility in Portland, Ore., giving us three in total. In two years, we will need another one.

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