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LAFORGE Front PTO for Standard Snow Blowers

  • FrontPower 540 and FrontPower 1000 award winning PTO systems let you power a standard snow blower up front. No need for a special front mounted version.
  • Delivers up to 180 HP continuous output, with electric-over-hydraulic wet clutch for smooth start and unequalled durability.
  • Available in combination with a LAFORGE front 3-point hitch for most common Utility and Row Crop tractors.
  • Only LAFORGE front PTO systems are backed by 2 year/2000 hour factory warranty from a US company founded back in 1991.

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Schulte FM-115 Front Mount Frame

The FM-115 is a quick attach frame for snow blowers and SV blades that can now accommodate tractors with smaller horsepower; recommended between 55hp and 115hp. The FM-115 gives you the ability to mount your 3pt snow blower or SV blade on the front of your tractor, offering you better visibility and ergonomics and allows you to blow snow while driving forward, which is more efficient than blowing snow in reverse. The FM-115 also features an increased selection of travel speeds. For more information on the FM-115 or any other Schulte product, call or visit us online.

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Art’s Way Rear Mount Snow Blowers

Built to Handle What Mother Nature Dumps on Us Agro Trend Snow Blowers manufactured by Art’s Way offer power, durability performance and value. With a heavy-duty auger and large high-speed impeller, Art’s Way Snow Blowers really dig into snow banks. A heavy-duty gear box provides the power to get through huge snow drifts. PTO driven by your tractor. Choose from 28 different models: rear-mounted or pull-behind models from 3 ft., 6 in. up to 10 ft. wide units. Art’s Way Snow Blowers are capable of moving mounds of heavy snow with 5, 6, 7, 8 ft. or whopping 10 ft. wide swaths up to 3 ft. deep. Designed with an open auger and large center auger paddles, the snow blower cuts through even hard packed snow and prevents clogging and build up as it funnels the snow from a 45 degree floor to the center chute.

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Toro® SnowMaster® Snowblower

The new Toro® SnowMaster® snowblower combines the best features of snow-removing technology into one easy-to-use, time-saving machine. It’s faster, easier to maneuver and more efficient, and boasts labor savings of up to 30%, when compared to other two-stage snowblowers. The SnowMaster powers through deep, heavy snow with ease thanks to its in-line two-stage auger technology. The steel rotor on the SnowMaster has a helical, or spiral, design that breaks up the snow, collects it to the center and throws the snow up to 40 feet out of the way. The rotor also spins ten times faster than typical two-stage rotors, and the tall auger opening increases snow capacity by 25% to move more than a ton of snow per minute. A larger intake opening also helps to reduce clogging.

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Hydromann Salt & Sand Spreaders

Hydromann offers over 70 different models of spreader in mounted, tow and walk behind configurations. They are the best attachment for accurate spreading of sand/salt mix, ice melters or wet sand. Both broadcast and drop style spreaders with changeable cams and agitators to prevent bridging are available. Capacities from 2 cu. 5 yards. Hydraulic, Ground, PTO or electric drive. Some models are also available in Stainless Steel. Available speed compensating rate controllers on hydraulic drive models. Hydromann uses a 4 step coating process to ensure durability over time.

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