Matt Rosica, IT manager at Kern Machinery in Bakersfield, Calif., talks about the changes the IT industry has seen over the last several decades and how those changes have impacted farm equipment dealers.


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Matt Rosica

Reliable Tech Support Takes Patience & Passion

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Years with Organization: 19. Starting with the parts department in 1997 handling freight deliveries at the Bakersfield store, Rosica was promoted to purchasing agent before transitioning into the IT department full-time in 2001. He is currently the IT manager for the Kern Machinery’s four stores in California, along with the recently acquired Camp Equipment dealerships in Idaho and Oregon. Rosica also manages IT needs for Western Power Products and DM Camp & Sons.

Role: “I am responsible for the company’s information technology infrastructure, from rebooting a computer to long-term projects. Our customer is the employee, so is the employee satisfied with the result? Did we leave the machine in a better condition, or did we not get the job done and have a machine down all day? Those are the metrics I use to hold myself and my department accountable.”

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