In an article for Business News Daily, Brittney Helmrich writes that employers who are struggling to find the right employee for the job and for their company’s culture should consider adding a few steps to their hiring process to make recruitment a little smoother. Helmrich talked to business owners and CEOs who shared the following tips for hiring the right employees.

1. Revamp you job postings. One CEO, Vladimir Gendelman of Company Folders, recommends adding more detail and organization to job postings and advertisements. Job postings should describe what the employee will do and list mandatory skills for the position. He recommends ranking the skills from those that are absolutely essential to those that could be learned or trained on the job, so as not to deter potential applicants who fit most, but not all of the skill requirements. Thorough job postings also illustrate that the company is strategic and well prepared and will leave a good impression on potential employees.

2. Give applicants specific instructions.  Andrew Reich, founder of InTouch Manufacturing Services, says a good way to weed out applicants is to give them specific tasks to complete in the application process before they can be considered for an interview. This could include asking them to title their resume a specific way, answer a set of questions in an email or use a specific file name for documents they send in.  Any application that doesn’t follow the rules can be deleted right away as it reflects the applicant’s ability to follow instructions, or lack there of.

3. Have top employees interview candidates. Cheri Spets Farmer, principal consultant at management consultancy Grace Bay Group, says one of the best ways to judge a candidate’s personality and work ethic is to get a second opinion. She suggests having top employees take part in the interview process and says this also helps with onboarding and making new hires feel like part of the team.

4. Take strong candidates out to eat. Rich Kahn, founder and CEO of digital advertising firm, says it can be helpful to see potential employees in a setting outside the interview room and suggests taking candidates out to eat.  People tend to be more relaxed during meals and you’re more likely to see their personality in a social setting than in an interview.

 5. Look for candidates outside the workplace.Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, says that because not every great candidate will be out looking for your job posting it is important to keep an eye out for new employees as you go about everyday life. She suggests watching how people interact in their current positions and considering the potential for them in your own company.