Montag Mfg. announces a limited distribution relationship with John Deere.

The relationship combines the John Deere’s 2510H High Speed Nutrient Applicator and the Montag Dry Fertilizer metering system.

The marriage of the two units give the grower the ability to place nutrients below the soils surface with the 2510H, reducing possible runoff and placing the fertilizer in the root zone. The addition of Montag’s 6 or 9 ton Dry Fertilizer delivery system provides the efficiency and precision Deere customers demand.

About Montag Manufacturing Inc.

Montag Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of fertilizer delivery/application equipment is committed to producing cutting edge tools to meet the needs of 21st century growers. Montag believes that proper placement of fertilizer in a band is not only effective and efficient but also demonstrates good stewardship. The Emmetsburg company pioneered the dry delivery system and continues to develop new and better systems to meet the needs of the worldwide crop production requirements. For more detailed information about Montag Manufacturing visit the website at