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2015 Dealers Business Trends & Outlook

You’ve made a smart decision to sell to the growing rural lifestyle market. While the ag segment is facing a tough year due to the downward trend of commodity prices, dealers are optimistic about opportunities for the rural lifestyle segment. Your next smart decision will be how your dealership can tap into these growth opportunities.

Lynn Woolf

Lynn Woolf, managing editor of Rural Lifestyle Dealer

Rural Lifestyle Dealer is your partner in that decision-making process and is introducing a new planning tool – its 2015 webinar series. The first webinar in the series looks at exactly how dealers plan to grow their businesses. Data and insights come directly from dealers who responded to our 2015 Dealer Business Trends & Outlook survey. Get an insider’s view of the industry’s most comprehensive look at the growing rural equipment market.

You’ll learn:

• What economic indicators are saying about the potential for the market
• Which new products that dealers intend to introduce or expand upon in their product mix
• How much growth you can expect from the lines you carry
• What dealers are most concerned about
• How large vs. small dealers view opportunities for this year

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And much more, including a comparison of U.S. vs. Canadian dealers. Managing Editor Lynn Woolf shares details from the survey as well as insights gained from numerous interviews with dealers, manufacturers — and rural lifestylers.

This FREE business planning event is brought to you by MIM: Marketing Inventory Management powered by Midstates Group and Rural Lifestyle Dealer.