BNT/Cross Slot, is undertaking a Direct Public Offering to raise capital to expand it U.S./Canada operations under the Security Exchange Commission via a Private Placement Memorandum.

BNT is the developer and owner of the Cross Slot no-till seeding system. BNT USA is the sole exclusive distributor for the Cross Slot technology into the North American market. A copy of the PPM is available online and can be accessed via the following link: Prospective investors can also obtain a PDF version can be emailed upon request and accessed via Dropbox. SEC Rules require all investors to be deemed “Accredited Investors”. These rules are detailed in the PPM and essentially mean high net worth individuals or investors.

According to the company, the Cross Slot no-tillage system reduces environmental damage from fertilizer run-off due to its ability to band fertilizer in the ground next to the seed where it optimizes emergence and yields. The Cross Slot no-tillage system reduces CO2 emissions, improves carbon absorption, improving soil quality, soil structure and crop yields. It is capable of seeding a range of seeds from small seeds (canola, alfalfa, grasses) through to medium (wheat, barley, oat, rye) and large seeds (corn, peas, beans, chick peas, sunflowers).

Key Terms of the Direct Public Offering

Amount to be Raised:

Minimum:                          $3,000,000

Maximum:                         $5,000,000

Minimum Investment:        $10,000

Coupon:                            6% per annum (paid in equal amounts every six months).

Conversion:                      Investors will have the right to convert into equity of BNT USA at any time.