Exclusive to John Deere S-Series Combines and 569 Standard Round Balers. 

NEZPERCE, Idaho (August 21, 2014) – Hillco Technologies Inc., working in developmental partnership with John Deere, has developed a revolutionary new system for harvesting corn and baling corn stover in one simple step. The Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System delivers the next generation of versatile, innovative and economical corn residue collection process with minimal impact on corn harvesting efficiency and speed.

Hillco & John Deere Introduce Single-Pass Round Bale SystemThe Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System is fully automated and offers continuous round baling with no stopping necessary. Harvesting and baling are accomplished in one pass, with less equipment, time and manpower required. This process maximizes overall efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs.  Key features of this system are:

  • Low horsepower consumption
  • Full visibility – Three strategically located cameras provide easy viewing
  • Simple pintle style hitch for connecting and disconnecting
  • Spread to collect at the touch of a button
  • Even feeding creates dense, well-formed bales
  • Faster grinding times for bales

According to Lenny Hill, owner and president of Hillco Technologies, Inc., “The ability to harvest and bale in one pass speaks to farmers’ efficiencies and economics, requiring less equipment, time and manpower.  The SPRB System’s bales consist of a high percentage of cobs and husks and the feed quality is higher than other corn stalk bales.  Because the baled material comes directly out of the back of the combine and the material never touches the ground, SPRB System bales are cleaner and contain far less ash, or 'dirt', than traditional stalk bales. 

"Additionally, this system provides a highly sustainable harvesting and baling method.  At removal rates of around one ton per acre, the SPRB System removes a lower amount of essential nutrients from the soil, leaving the highest plant nutrients on the field," Hill adds. "Studies show that stover removal rates of up to 30% can increase yield in corn-on-corn rotation, and the SPRB System removes, on average, .8 to 1.4 tons/ac.  That’s a big plus for farmers who are looking for ways to produce more with their existing acreage.”

The Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System is truly a “one and done” solution that significantly impacts bottom lines.  Hillco Technologies and John Deere recognize that today’s farmers need efficient and economically sound equipment to support biomass collection and this revolutionary system provides affordable technology to meet that challenge.  “One Combine. One Baler. One Pass.”

For more information on the Hillco Single Pass Round Bale System, visit www.hillcotechnologies.com