Nutri-Pro 3000-12C30 Great Plains new Nutri-Pro 3000-12C30 for anhydrous application features a 22-inch coulter blade and RTK and GPS guidance capabilities and optional “spider” closing wheels for precise fertilizer application with minimal nutrient loss. Operators can apply fertilizer at a speed of up to 8 mph.

“Because of its minimal disturbance, anhydrous fertilizer can be applied a month before spring planting, rather than applying in the fall and losing nitrogen to leeching and denitrification,” says Tom Evans, vice president of sales. “Farmers are trying to reduce input costs but not reduce yields, so they are being very cautious and more attentive to how to use fertilizer more efficiently and being more environmentally sound with their process to not have it leach into the water supply or denitrify. I think it’s one of the biggest growth segments in the ag industry business.”