Featured Product

Safe-T-Pull is an innovative heavy truck towing system designed to help avoid costly downtime when wet and muddy conditions require the towing of trucks.

Safe-T-Pull allows a tractor operator to safely hook up to any truck with a Safe-T-Pull hitch installed, pull it through the tough conditions and unhook all from the comfort of the cab. No ropes, chains or cables and better yet, no crawling through the mud to hook up to the truck. Hitches mount directly to both frame rails of virtually all heavy trucks for an even and safe pull; this greatly reduces the risk of damage to the truck.

The Safe-T-Pull tow system mounts to the drawbar of the farm tractor, forage harvester, pay loader or dozer. The system if hydraulically controlled to ease transport, truck hook up and unhook “on the go.” The system is designed to be safe and efficient, minimizing downtime caused by the inconvenience of wet and muddy conditions.

For more information, visit www.safe-t-pull.net or search "Safe-T-Pull" on YouTube.