Chupp Implement Co. in Pryor was chosen by the New Holland Company from 40 dealers across the U.S. who have demonstrated high standards of performance. As a member of the New Holland President’s Club, a dealer must demonstrate both quality and quantity of sales, parts and customer service. Chupp Implement Co. far exceeded the performance measures.  

“We are the longest continuous dealer in the area. Our biggest sales in history was last year and we now have planned for our expansion to add on to our existing location.  The concrete has been poured and hopefully some of the wall structures will go up tomorrow or this week,” said Chupp.

Due to several dealer closings in the area in the last several years, the uncovered territory has demanded more of the business. “People drive from almost 100 miles or more for parts and/or services.  We have technicians who are specialized in all farm equipment,” Chupp said.

The marketing platform for New Holland uses SMART technology to help connect farmers all over the United States. What is SMART?

New Holland’s website defines it as “equipment that is technologically advanced, yet simple and easy to use. Equipment that allows them to do more with less—because working smarter is the best way to move forward into the future.”

Agriculture enthusiasts can be a part of the technology by submitting their own story to a new publication dedicated to smart farming. The publication also uses social media to share key messages from the smart stories. The publication is available to Chupp’s customers. New Holland equipment owners can describe what makes them a smart farmer, how the equipment works for their operation and the importance of a partnership with the New Holland dealer.

“I am honored to have been recognized.  We believe in treating people right and our last three years’ of service to our customers qualified me to win this year. That makes me proud,” said Chupp.