AGCO introduces five new Sunflower 5056 Series field cultivators for 2013. Ranging from 45 to 63 feet wide, the new field cultivators join the industry-leading Sunflower 5000 Series field cultivator line. The 5056 models offer ground-hugging flexibility across the full width of the machines, and are among the largest in the industry to quickly and consistently handle seedbed preparation during the short spring planting window.

"The Sunflower 5000 Series field cultivators have long been the seedbed preparation tool of choice for many farmers," says Tom Draper, Sunflower seeding and tillage product marketing manager. "As with previous models, the Sunflower 5056 Series field cultivators have outstanding ground clearance and superb flotation plus the capacity to cover acres fast to get fields ready for the optimal spring planting window."

"They are built strong, in the Sunflower tradition, and have a truss-style main frame with rotational-torque-compensating wing frames so they will be strong enough to stand up to years of high-acre use in challenging field conditions," Draper explains.

Designed for maximum residue flow and consistent field prep

The 5056 Series field cultivators feature deep frames, with 26-inch clearance and carefully designed shank placement to provide unmatched performance and unobstructed residue flow-through. Shanks are available in either a 190-pound (86 kg) point load, spring-tension design that protects the machine from field hazards and maintains the proper sweep angle in tough soil conditions, or an S-tine design for lighter soils.

These field cultivators have 9-inch cultivator shovels on 6-inch centers, which provide 1.5 inches of overlap on each side. This design creates a full cut to ensure that all weeds and grasses are sheared and that shallow compaction layers are shattered. Five choices in finishing attachments customize these machines to match a wide variety of soil types and varying residue-management needs for optimal field preparation.

Walking tandems for stability, even penetration

Heavy-duty walking tandems and swiveling front-gauge wheels on each of the five frame sections provide stability and ensure even shovel depth across the machine width, while preventing gouging across uneven terrain such as terraces. This enhances seedbed consistency and, ultimately, ensures consistent crop emergence for better yields. Bolt-in spindles with triple-lip seals provide years of trouble-free service.

A self-leveling hitch helps keep the frame level from the front to rear during transport or in the field, regardless of operating depth, eliminating time spent leveling the machine, so working time is maximized. Depth is easy to set by turning the depth-control handle one revolution for each one-half-inch change. A highly visible depth-control gauge is located for ease of operator use.

Wing-frame hinge bearings, gauge wheel rotational and thrust bearings, and lift-system pivot points are made with ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) plastic so there is no metal-to-metal contact and wear, for longer machine life and less time and expense spent on daily machine maintenance.

The new Sunflower 5056 field cultivator will be on display at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa and at Husker Harvest Days in Grand Island, Nebraska.

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