Farm Equipment Social Media Recap

Seven Farm Equipment Magazine staff reporters attended the Farm Progress Show of 2011 in Decatur, Illinois, August 30th - 31st. They tweeted and "facebooked" along the way. Here are some of the most interesting/insightful messages they shared.

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  Monosem #fps11 seeing more growth in twin-row corn, may expand production in MI.  

  Case IH taking steps to educate on SCR & EGR at #FPS11  

HCC Smart-Till can be equipped with stalk chopper and/or harrow. #FPS11  

  Schulte Cyclone Deck Debris Fan Kit keeps all debris off deck, fits 4 models #FPS11  

  Aerway showed CCT tool that cuts, sizes & tears residue. New toolbar accommodates array of finishing implements  

  #FPS11 Miller has 2 more dates in 'Crank It Up' tour for SP sprayers. 9/8 in NE & 9/13 in WI  

  Soucy Track showcasing rubber track technology for tractors, combines & grain carts at #FPS11 May Wes released its new quick-disconnect Stalk Stompers for combines and tractors #FPS11

    Germany's Michael Horsch, Horsch-Anderson at #FPS11. Started 27 yrs ago w/ NT drill, grew fast w/ fall of wall in '90

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