Off-road tire producer Mitas of the CGS Group announced that in 2011 the company will introduce to its worldwide markets a new Mitas-branded range of tires for use in row-crop agriculture. The tire line will extend the existing Continental-brand row-crop tires, which Mitas has been producing under license since 2004.

“Mitas brings a quality product to the row-crop tire market which is often neglected by major tire brands,” said Andrew Mabin, Mitas marketing and sales director. “Under AC85 and AC90 names, Mitas will offer 13 tire sizes to meet farmers’ needs in row-crop agriculture.”

As of today, eight Mitas row-crop sizes are available for sale. By the end of 2011, Mitas will produce 13 row-crop tire sizes including five new sizes: 270/95 R32, 300/95 R46, 320/85 R34, 320/90 R50 and 320/90 R54. A further extension of the line is expected in early 2012. The line reflects the specific needs of North American and European farmers.

Czech-based Mitas produces agricultural and industrial tires. Mitas’s own tire brands are Mitas and Cultor. Mitas produces and develops Continental agricultural tires under licence. Mitas plans to expand to North America, and currently Mitas is building a new agricultural tire plant in Iowa that will begin production in 2012.