With four distinct processes — offset discs tomix and cut, tillage tines, leveling discs, and heavy steel packers — the TopDown by Väderstad Verken AB achieves in one pass what other implements achieve in three or more. Successful in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independant States (CIS), the ability to select an individual tillage process or all in unison ensures optimum results whether min-tilling or turning over fallow land.

Capable of both shallow and deeper tillage down to a maximum of 25cm (10 in.), the TopDown is available in 3-9m (10-29.5 ft.) working widths with power requirements ranging from 150–600 hp.

Väderstad products are being introduced and distributed by Seed Hawk, a partner of Väderstad Verken AB of Sweden.

For more information, contact information@seedhawk.com.