Farm-family owned Dragotec USA announces the industry’s first and only replacement parts no back-order guarantee for the 2010 corn-harvesting season.

Drago’s ‘We’ve Got Your Back’ … the ‘No Back-Order or It’s Free Guarantee’ covers any part that breaks down during corn harvest and is not available from the local Authorized Drago Dealer, one of three regional warehousing hubs or from the Dragotec North American Headquarters in Iowa . If it has to be back-ordered from the manufacturer, that part plus the shipping will be free to the farmer.

Corn producer, president and owner of Dragotec USA Denny Bollig explains, “There is nothing more frustrating to a farmer during harvest than breaking down and not being able to get parts. Yet, some of our competitors have initiated the ‘Just in time’ parts delivery program which translates into back-ordering a part, manufacturing it as needed and then delivering when completed. ‘Just in time’ can be a lifetime during time-critical harvest.”

Back-orders have been a major complaint from farmers the last few years as harvest breakdowns seem high. Some manufactures trying to reduce their costs have reduced inventories of products and replacement parts. Dragotec USA has taken the opposite approach during this same time frame.

“I am a farmer first and foremost and that’s what drives my business decisions. I try to do what’s best for the farmer. We have never ever had to back-order a Drago part during harvest and that’s why we can guarantee it,” explains Denny Bollig. “Why should the farmer be penalized for a problem he didn’t create and not the supplier. We’ve got your back. If a part has to be back-ordered from the manufacturer during harvest, we’ll take the financial penalty. That’s only right.”

By contract, each Authorized Drago Representative or dealer must carry a full range of replacement parts based on the number of corn heads sold. In those cases where a part is not available at the dealership they can get next day delivery from their nearest Warehousing Distribution Center in Indiana, Nebraska, Iowa or Arkansas.

Drago Authorized Representative Randy Hinton, owner of the Iowa-based Red Power dealerships, loves the program. “Dragotec puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to customer service. But what’s interesting about the program is that Drago is so well built they don’t break down often anyway. So they are the most durable head, plus backed by the best parts and service. That’s a pretty unbeatable combination.”

‘We’ve got your back,’ the Drago replacement parts ‘No Back-Order or It’s Free Guarantee’ covers all new and used Drago Corn Heads.  It does not include accessory or add-on parts and is only available through Authorized Drago Representatives and Dealers.

No Drago part has ever had to be back-ordered during harvest from the manufacturer, Olimac, in the decade that Dragotec USA has distributed the Drago Corn Head in North America.

For further information contact Joe Bollig at Dragotec USA at (515) 889-2723 or visit our website at