Regina, Saskatchewan & Hector, Minnesota —            May 3, 2010 — Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. and Loftness Manufacturing have announced the establishment of a manufacturing and marketing agreement between their two companies.  

Effective this spring, Loftness will produce high-quality Grain Bag loaders and unloaders for Brandt.  These products will be branded Brandt and will be distributed and serviced through the Brandt global dealer network.  Loftness will continue to market and distribute the Loftness branded Grain Bag loader and unloader products through their dealer network.  

Brandt will produce their market leading HP Swing Away Grain Auger in a special configuration to interface with the Loftness Grain Bag Loader.  The Grain Auger is integrated with the Grain Bag Loader to unload grain directly from haul trucks into storage bags. This gives customers another option and more flexibility in loading storage bags at harvest time. The Grain Auger will be branded and distributed both by Loftness and Brandt through their respective dealer networks.   Products mentioned will be available for sale in early summer.

Jason Klassen, vice president sales & marketing at Brandt Industries states, “A marketing partnership with Loftness is a natural fit for Brandt.  Loftness is recognized as a market leader in their chosen product segments, specifically the Grain Bag Loader and Unloader products.   Loftness has a long history of delivering premium quality products and providing excellent customer support. We see a lasting and fruitful relationship with them. The Bag Loader and Unloader products are a growing trend in North America and globally. It is a natural fit for our grain handling product line.”  

Dave Nelson, vice president of Loftness added, “Partnering with Brandt on this project is a logical choice for both companies.  Loftness’ proven grain bagging products teamed with Brandt’s reputation for high quality, industry leading augers will offer the end user a no compromise solution for their grain bagging needs.”

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. is a manufacturer of various agricultural products including; Standard Grain Augers, Swing Away Grain Augers, Grain Belts, Grain Vacs, Heavy Harrows, Sprayers, Mixer Wagons and Bale Processors, all manufactured in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  

Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. is part of the Brandt Group of Companies which engineer, manufacture, distribute and service products for the agriculture, rail, construction, pipe mill and mining industries.

Loftness Specialized Farm Equipment Inc. has a 50-plus year history of manufacturing quality equipment for agricultural and forestry industries. Products include multi-crop shredders, grain bag loading and unloading equipment, snowblowers, forestry mowers, trimmers and mulching heads.  All products are manufactured in Hector, Minn.