Following the release of the Obama Administration's outline for its biofuels agenda, the Renewable Fuels Assn. President Bob Dinneen issued the following statement:

"This plan combines an appropriate appreciation for the importance of the existing biofuels industry with an understandable excitement for new technologies near fruition. A more coordinated effort from federal agencies together with the continuation of sound biofuels policies, such as extending existing incentives, will go a long way toward meeting and exceeding America’s renewable fuel potential.

"Current technologies continue to provide the necessary base from which new and promising technologies are emerging. It is critical that all these technologies - including those closest to fruition and those years from commercialization — have every opportunity to succeed. It would be premature to abandon near commercial technologies, such as cellulosic ethanol, in favor of "drop in" fuels that are still years away. One renewable fuel technology need not be cannibalized for other technologies to succeed.

"We are pleased to see this plan address some of the concerns raised by cellulosic and next generation ethanol technology companies concerning federal loan guarantee programs. These loan guarantees must be made to work for cellulosic ethanol producers if this plan and the President’s stated goals are to be realized.

"As this report rightly notes, the potential of domestic renewable fuel production to create jobs and put America in control of its energy future are substantial. As it has done before, America's ethanol industry is eager to meet the challenges this report puts forth and welcomes the opportunity to more closely partner with the Federal government to meet our mutual goals."