T-L Irrigation Co. of Hastings, Neb., has successfully completed 55 years in business. T-L is the exclusive manufacturer of hydrostatically-powered pivot irrigation systems that are sold and serviced by T-L dealers throughout the United States and internationally.

T-L’s hydrostatic design delivers smooth, continuous motion providing even water distribution and long component life. Quality products and continuous improvement are hallmarks of the company. Founded by a farming family, the tradition continues and the close ties to agriculture are maintained well into the company’s second generation.

T-L Irrigation Co. has a broad product line that includes pivots, corner systems, and linear systems, including the award winning ULTRA Linear that allows irrigation of parallel fields with one system!

Hydrostatic power is a familiar and essential part of an agricultural producers’ equipment and is an integral part of farm machinery’s future development. It is “Proven Technology….that Works!