The new Sitrex QR Range "V" type wheel rake offers 8, 10 or 12 wheels and gives farmers the opportunity to use a machine that boasts high performance and ease of use. The machine is compact, but designed with plenty of room for the raked hay to pass.

This gives the machine excellent operational qualities, as well as maneuverability and stability while working and during transport.

Thanks to the quality of the materials used, and to the solutions adopted based on experience acquired in innumerable field trials, our QR range wheel rakes will meet farmers’ every need because of the product's function and durability.

The rakes have maximum working widths of 19, 22 and 26 feet. The machine can work on the right-hand or left-hand side, is capable of fast operating speeds and it includes shock absorbers on rake arms to allow machine to adapt to uneven terrain.

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