Amity Technology of Fargo, N.D., has added the Air Double Disc Drill to its equipment offering.

This minimum-tillage drill is an extremely effective seeding tool with excellent seed placement at higher field speeds, and an efficient and reliable drill for a variety of crops. This proven seeding technology has been re-engineered for less maintenance and greater precision.

"Individual row-depth control on the double-disc drill ensures superior seed placement and uniform packing," says Jack Oberlander, manager of the planting and seeding division at Amity Technology. "This drill is unbeatable for reliability and precision in seeding specialty crops such as soybeans, canola and field peas."

The Air Double Disc Drill is available in 40- and 45-foot widths, with 6- or 6.75-inch row spacing.

Founded in 1996, Amity Technology manufactures soil samplers, sugar beet equipment, air drills, air systems and crop management products.

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