Melissa Shaw, 2023 Strip-Till Innovator Award recipient, showcases an interseeder she built with her husband, Ryan, for their 1,400-acre corn, soybean and sugar beet farm in Marlette, Mich. 

The Shaws stripped down a Hiniker cultivator and added Dawn Equipment DuoSeed row units, which they discovered at the National Strip-Tillage Conference. The Shaws use the interseeder to plant cover crops in between their strips. 

“I was never a farmer or engineer, so when we come up with something like this and it actually works, it’s pretty cool,” Melissa Shaw says. “We’re focused on placement and keeping the strip-till and no-till zones separate. With sugar beets, it’s also nice to have some wind break for as long as possible.” 

Learn more about Melissa and Ryan Shaw’s operation and their innovative approach to strip-till during a general session presentation at the 2023 National Strip-Tillage Conference Aug. 2-4, 2023, in Bloomington, Ill. Click here to register!

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