Farmers face many challenges. Blank spaces in the field, poor root structure, fertilizer rusting out expensive equipment, seeding into cover crops and no-till, innovating regenerative methods, and more.

Schaffert Mfg. has solutions for all your unique planting dilemmas, requirements, and equipment:

  • Rebounders evenly and properly place seeds 
  • Mohawk, Zipper, and Chicken Tracker closing wheels
  • 4-Link Closer offers 9” of vertical travel
  • G-Series and NEW Y-Cam walking beam design traverses obstacles in field
  • In-furrow, 2x2, and 2x2x2 fertilizer attachments
  • B-TOEM and serrated STP heavy duty disc blades
  • Gauge wheels with better traction and less plugging
  • Custom pump systems
  • Wheel scrapers 

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