Developed specifically for combine harvesters and floaters, MAXAM's AGRIXTRA H product family has excellent flotation properties engineered to ensure reduced soil compaction and improved traction performance.

Designed to withstand heavy loads and high speeds, the 750/50R26 and 1050/50R32 deliver superior stability thanks to their radial casing and steel belt construction. The self-cleaning, extra-wide tread design maximizes performance on the road and in the field, delivering the utmost productivity to users.

Employing premium rubber compounds that reduce ozone cracking and weathering, the AGRIXTRA H MS951R ensures farmers or growers will receive the value they are seeking through improved tire wear rates and fuel efficiency. In addition, MAXAM’s superior 45 degree lug profile provides farmers with excellent traction and reduced slip. Increasing yields through minimal soil disturbance, the AGRIXTRA H features a low-pressure design to ensure farmers’ and growers’ crop output is protected for years to come.

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