Unlike the predecessor model, the bale chamber of the LT-Master F115 is powered hydraulically rather than mechanically. The hydraulically powered bale chamber favors a machine-friendlier way of working and also reduces the noise level of the baler-wrapper combination. The hydraulic drive enables the user to choose between different speeds during baling and binding (four levels respectively).

In order to better process the many different materials, the feeder has been equipped with a dosing drum. The dosing drum and the feed screws ensure the even flow of materials on the elevator and also optimally process fibrous material such as grass and alfalfa.

The LT-Master F115 is operated with the PROFI plus L handset. The user interface is structured intuitively and enables easy operation of the machine. The entire work process as well as the machine settings are depicted via the display. Via the handset's USB port, the language and customer logos for the weighing system with label printer can be imported with ease and customer account data exported in CSV format.

Learn more at www.Goeweil.com/en/baler-wrapper-combination-maize-baler-lt-master/.