Designed and manufactured by Yanmar, the SA series is powered by Yanmar’s powerful and reliable, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, clean diesel engine. They deliver compact, durable power with clean emissions, low fuel consumption and low noise and vibration.

All new tractor purchases come with Yanmar’s 10 year/3,000 hour limited powertrain warranty. All the major drivetrain components — the engine, transmission, and axles — are made in-house and are built to work perfectly together for a hardworking machine with more useable horsepower, less power loss, and a smoother, more comfortable ride.

A large, comfortable operator’s station provides easy access to all controls, while the hydrostatic transmission, with convenient side-by-side pedals, allows smooth operation over a wide range of terrain and implements. Hydraulic power steering makes for less operator fatigue.

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