The Komet Precision Regulator (KPR-X) features a new axial design with flow deviation fins and a large inlet chamber that evenly directs water to the center of the device. Together, these components prevent premature one-sided wear from unevenly applied flow forces, resulting in longer service life.

The design of the KPR-X promotes unimpeded water flow and significantly reduces plugging through an optimal plunger diameter and self-cleaning mechanism. These features release water, sand and other fine debris at shutdown.

Another key feature of the KPR-X is a progressive dampening system within the diaphragm chamber engineered to minimize friction and ensure low hysteresis for continuously smooth operation. The dampening system contributes to the reliable and durable performance of the KPR-X, protecting the regulator and other downstream-installed devices effectively against water hammers while limiting pressure fluctuations.

The KPR-X is a true all-flow regulator, giving growers the advantage of a streamlined product for the entire pivot nozzle range. The KPR-X is available in four models ranging from 6 to 20 psi and was built for installation on drops or on top of the pipe in mechanized systems.

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