John Deere W200 Series Self-Propelled Windrowers help farmers harvest their crop quickly and efficiently, while promoting quick dry down for high-quality hay.

R Windrowers offer up to 10% wider windrows than previous models. 24-mph transport speed reduces time spent moving between fields. Easy in-cab adjustments of swath flap and forming shields offered, with tilt and height resume. JDLink enabled machines help to ensure peak operation performance and keep the owner connected to their machine at any time from anywhere.

The W200M and W235M are available with optional Starfire receivers and a Generation 4 CommandCenter with AutoTrac. Optional TouchSet controls allow operators to quickly adjust windrow width and tilt from the cab while cutting. Using the TouchSet settings library presets and resume function, operators can move between settings with ease. This level of control makes it easy to optimize the windrowers to accommodate for varying field and crop conditions. Operators can electronically adjust windrow formation from the cab to optimize the crop being cut, to promote fast dry down. Maximum transport speed is up to 24 mph.

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