The AFS Connect Optum Series Tractor from Case IH is engineered to deliver the muscle and horsepower needed for extensive roading and haulage — plus enhanced comfort for high-volume hay and forage operation — in one all-purpose tractor. With innovative Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology seamlessly integrated into the cab, AFS Connect Optum series tractors allow farmers to quickly share and access data — making sure they are optimizing every part of their operation.

Producers may select from two models: AFS Connect Optum 270 and 300.

AFS technology provides a state-of-the-art solution that helps efficiently complete the most precise farming tasks. With a highly sophisticated steering system, telematics, monitors, sensors and farm management software applications, the full vehicle interface and intuitive AFS Pro 1200 display is capable of wireless file transfers, guidance lines, prescription maps, fleet management, data sharing and product control.

AFS Connect links farmers with all aspects of their farm to help quickly analyze all agronomic data by importing several file formats, both via USB stick and AFS Connect File Transfer. All users can also create rules to receive current vehicle status notifications for easy maintenance updates.

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