Pöttinger's Jumbo 7000 Loader Wagon comes equipped with a seven-row controlled floating pick-up with a working width of 2,300 millimeters to ensure maximum performance for tidy and loss-free collection in a single pass.

The pick-up position control, which is supplied as standard, keeps the cross-section of the opening between pick-up and drawbar constant to ensure maximum throughput during the entire loading process. The tines, which are controlled in a sweeping arc by the cam track, convey the crop gently upwards and actively transfer it to the rotor at a suitable speed. Instead of dragging the forage through, they promote the best possible chopping quality. The tines then dip down at a right angle to prevent the forage from being drawn in.

To help the driver when accessing narrow field entrances, the optional hydraulic jockey wheel folding system can be activated.

The optional tracking roller prevents the pick-up wheels from sinking into tractor wheel marks and enables unrestricted movement for the best ground tracking.

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