When it comes to taking in trades on farm equipment, the condition of the tires can have a big impact on the value of the equipment, and determining the percent of tread remaining on a tire can be time consuming. To help streamline the process and improve the accuracy of valuations, Dawson Tire & Wheel introduces the TreadSure App, now available for iOS and Android devices.

“We can send dealers tread depth gauges, but that doesn’t help them determine if there is 50%, 20% or 90% tread left on the tire. The manufacturers all have that information in their data books, but you almost have to have a degree in tire engineering to understand it,” says Eric MacPherson, CEO of Dawson Tire & Wheel.

For example, MacPherson says Firestone has a thorough data book online, but downloading the PDF file can take a long time and you haven’t even started looking for the data yet. “There wasn’t one consolidated place to find the data, and every manufacturer is different. With the TreadSure app, it’s easy to use and now anybody can check the tread depth and determine the percent remaining, no matter what tire they put in the system,” he says.

The app allows the user to select the tire brand, model, size and condition, in addition to entering the tread depth. After that information is completed, users have the option to add a tire location and create a form that is then emailed to the individual handling the valuation of the piece of equipment.

For more information, visit www.treadsure.app.