Exro Technologies Inc. announced it has signed a collaboration and supply agreement  with Clean Seed Capital Group Ltd. to integrate Exro's technology into Clean Seed's agricultural seeder and planter platforms, advancing the electrification of heavy farm equipment. Under the Agreement, Clean Seed will issue a purchase order to integrate Exro's electric motor technology into Clean Seed's latest technology offerings and beyond.

“This is another step in the commercialization of Exro's technology that will expand the capabilities of the world's electric motors,” said Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir. “Clean Seed is a pioneer in improving the efficacy and sustainability of farming. With this new agreement, we will, together, electrify the industry to maximize its potential, driving better productivity and efficient use of energy.”

Clean Seed, in collaboration with Exro, will be building a working prototype that will be implemented in the field by 2021. This addition and integrated technology is expected to enhance Clean Seed's SMART Seeder technologies by reducing the power requirements to operate its tools that put row-by-row, variable-rate seeding technology into the hands of farmers.

“This worldwide exclusive collaboration and supply agreement with Exro will set new benchmarks in the electrification of agriculture,” said Graeme Lempriere, chief executive officer of Clean Seed, based in Burnaby, B.C. “This collaboration will benefit the agricultural community by promoting good stewardship of our resources.”

Under the agreement, both companies also plan to develop after-market retrofit products that use Exro technology to further expand and accelerate the electrification of agricultural farm equipment.

“The Clean Seed agreement represents Exro's fifth commercialization deal,” said Ozdemir, who joined Exro as CEO in September 2019 after serving as CEO of GE's Industrial Motors Division. “As we have set out in our company plan, we have now strategically placed Exro's technology with respected leaders in the agriculture, automotive, marine, recreational and electric-bicycle markets.”