For battling COVID-19, sprayers can make a difference, and Jacto has provided sprayers to police agencies to help with disinfect vehicles and equipment.

All Jacto sprayers come equipped with nozzles that are adjustable for fine or very fine droplets, which means the spray will penetrate every nook and cranny. At Jacto, quality means accuracy, efficiency, longevity and effectiveness.

Jacto President, Greg Imus, says: “Recently, I’ve provided sprayers to the local police agencies in my area to disinfect their vehicles and equipment – and they have made a big difference for people who can’t 'work from home.' Here’s what one police chief told me: 'During these times we are trying to come up with any way possible to disinfect our equipment and these sprayers work perfectly in the disinfecting of the interior of our squad cars.'

"We feel strongly that whether it’s a Jacto or another brand, sprayers can help us all. If we use them to help keep people safer, we can play a part in slowing the spread of the virus. Plus, if they can be used effectively for disinfecting businesses, maybe we can contribute to helping the country to get up and running again. COVID-19 is hurting a lot of people in a lot ways. We can’t solve it, but our products can be helpful."

Imus has been busily trying to get the distributors to push sprayers for disinfectants.