The NL5060 G5 Pull-Type Spinner Spreader by New Leader offers a 606 cubic foot capacity and over 90 foot spread widths. Its automatic left/right fan frame movement makes repeatable, accurate nutrient placement simple with 16-section swath width control. Its automatic fore/aft fan frame movement lets operators achieve accurate variable and straight application rates even when changing speeds. With the optional MultApplier insert, the unit can spread two products in a single pass, at independent or simultaneous straight or variable rates.

The unit also comes equipped with scales for static infield calibration. The unit runs fully off New Leader’s software that is plug-and-play ISOBUS-ready and is easy to maintain with its automatic hydraulic chain tensioner, centralized grease banks and automatic chain oiling alerts.

The unit’s trailer offers a heavy-duty trailer main frame with universal hitch, 4-wheel hydraulic braking system, walking suspension with 12 inches of travel and high flotation tires for light footprint.

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